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  • Monday Women's Workshop Single Registration, 5:30-7:00 PM $35
    This inspirational Monday Women's Workshop is held two Mondays per month from 5:30-7:00 PM.  Women will gather together to enjoy light yoga warm-ups and breath work, journaling and sharing, and participating in a group discussion focusing on the theme of the class including practical Vedic teachings for healthy living of the mind, body, and spirit!  Each woman will go home with a specific meditation practice and journal reflection to support her personal needs and goals.    
  • Monday Women's Workshop New Student Discount, $20 for each $20
    This registration is for two students signing up together for one workshop of the Monday Women's Workshop series.  The two students can be two new students, or an alumnus (prior) student signing up with a new student referral.  Both students pay $20 each for the class, a discount of $15 each student (regular registration is $35 per student). 
  • Prana Program- Wait List Registration
    The Prana Program is for the serious spiritual seeker who is ready to make lifestyle changes for the goal of consistent, stable prana and vitality for spiritual development.  The focus of this bi-monthly gathering will be a review of daily reports on goals including yoga, Ayurvedic lifestyle choices, food for your dosha, and mind/emotional balancing.  Each group gathering will have a Vedic teaching of authentic spiritual process in balance with psychotherapy tools for the modern person involved in an external life of relationships, jobs, health, etc.  The participant in this course will be required to complete a daily report (5 mins), do a daily yoga practice, complete an Ayurveda assessment and follow food and lifestyle goals to the best of their ability.  The commitment is a 3 month process, 2 group meetings per month, with a fee of $150 per month. The student will develop lifestyle changes that will provide an opportunity for an experience of stability, inner peace and outward flow.  
  • Private Appointments with Mary- Wait List Registration
    Register here to be put on a wait list to see Mary in her private practice of Mind-Body Holistic Counseling.   Mary schedules clients weekly, bi-monthly and monthly at $115 per session with a first time only intake at $145.  Mary will ask each client to choose a time slot of Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday at 12:30, 1:45, or 3:00.  Each session is 1 hour and can include psychotherapy, yoga therapy and Vedic teachings, numerology study, yoga/meditation home practices, journal focus and reading recommendations.  Other appointment times and Skype camera long-distance appointments are sometimes possible.  Mary will contact you once you register.  
  • 2020 Spring Women's Retreat- Wait List Registration
    This is a wait list for women who are interested in a 4-day women's retreat held in Virginia in March or April, 2020.  The registration will be approximately $595 starting Thursday and ending on Sunday.  These retreats are full of fun with a strong emphasis on intense personal healing and stable transformation.  Participants will do yoga and meditation, chi-gong or other body movements, journal reflection and sharing, creative arts and nature walks, and enjoy delicious healthy food.  If you are interested, register here and Mary will contact you when a retreat is planned.  There is no payment or obligation at this time.  
  • WAIT LIST Registration - workshops, women's Free
     Register here for your preferred workshop if the regular or discount registration is closed for that particular day.  Mary will email you up to the day before the workshop to let you know if there is space to join.  There is no financial commitment at this time.  Thank you! 



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